Mistakes Men Make

Mistakes Men Make

This is about mistakes men make in their interactions with women.

I’ve been in 2 long term relationships with women.

I was married for 26 years 20 of which i think were good years.

My 2nd relationship is on going and has been successful. We’ve been living happily together for 12 years. We’ve had our ups & downs but it’s got better as the years have gone on as our understanding of each other has improved.

This is what I’ve learnt so take it or leave it.

  1. Arguing with a women- never use logic with a woman because they don’t understand logic or truth it only exasperates & confuses them making them even more emotional . In fact my number one rule never argue with a woman period. Arguing with a woman is a waste of time.
  2. The best way to win an argument when a woman insists on having an argument is to hug her or compliment her or use evasive techniques to change the topic by changing the focus of the conversation to a triviality.. Arguing back with logic or using emotional tactics like raising your voice or swearing is counterproductive and a womans tactic. Men need to assess what is going on behind a woman’s insistence on arguing. He needs to ask himself “why is she arguing?” . The answer will have something to do with an unfulfilled need and nothing to do with the point of the argument. In my experience most of the time it’s an unfulfilled emotional need that will fix her.
  3. Never say “yes” especially when you’re concentrating on something and she is in your ear. She will remember and you won’t and it will be used against you in her law court.
  4. Treating a woman as an equal- i’ve found this to be a big mistake. Women are not men. They don’t think or act like men they don’t appreciate being treated like a man. They want to be treated like a woman no matter what they say. You treat a woman like you would treat a child with special needs. They are very emotional creatures.
  5. Never think she’s yours . Doesn’t matter if you’re married or not, they are never yours. They’re only with you while their needs are met or if they can’t get anything better.
  6. Never rely on a woman. Women are not trustworthy. It’s not personal it’s just not in their nature. They’re like little children so never believe what a woman tells you, always get verification. It’s ok telling them you don’t believe them. Women make up stories that they have convinced themselves are real.
  7. Never take what a woman says literally always look for the emotional reasons behind what they’re saying. A man needs to ask himself “why is she saying this? What is she really saying? What emotional need is she indicating has not been met?”. Don’t expect truth from women it’s rare.
  8. Don’t ask a woman to do anything it’s a waste of time. If she does it it won’t be done properly anyway. If you want something done do it yourself. Women are only interested in what they need.
  9. Don’t fall into the trap of believing women care about you, they don’t they only care whether you will be there to take out the garbage or take them on a holiday. Nothing personal it’s just the way they are.
  10. Women don’t care about your emotional or sexual needs they don’t understand or perceive anyone’s needs but their own. They will fulfill your needs if they believe it serves their best interests. Nothing personal.
  11. Women get offended by logical argument they see it as demeaning them because they can’t understand it.
  12. Women in general are amoral, that is morals or principles are not part for the most part of their thinking process. They will say it is because of how they want others to see them. But when you discover why they do things or why they take a particular position in a contentious issue you’ll discover it never has anything to do with morals or principles but everything to do with obtaining what they think they want or need. This is not personal it’s just the way they are made.
  13. Never expect an apology from a woman. Woman cannot admit fault because that effects their ego and humbles them. Woman never admit fault. Don’t think or insist on an apology. If they are wrong they’re wrong . You don’t need an apology just register the fact and move on. If your woman apologises it’s rare and valuable, reward that. I respect a woman who is humble enough to admit without qualification that she is wrong but in my experience this is very rare.
  14. Women on the whole won’t admit to not understanding concepts or the use of hypotheticals in proving logical argument or logical laws and reasoning techniques they’ll tell you they do then go on arguing illogically ignoring those very concepts they claim to understand. Again don’t argue with a woman. Simply state your position & walk away.
  15. Women don’t mean what they say or say what they mean. It’s an interpretation game where attention must be paid to their emotional clues especially their body language, the pitch of their voice and how they act. Women say more by their actions than their words.
  16. Women don’t love you , they love what you can do for them. Women won’t miss you but they will miss what you did & could do for them.
  17. Women use emotional blackmail and emotive methods to get what they think they need. They know they do this. Men must call it for what it is, “thats emotional blackmail “. It’s been my experience when you do this women blush a sure sign you’ve uncovered their technique and will back off. But they won’t apologise because for them it’s a skill. You recognize it when they use words like ”you said you loved me ….”.
  18. When in discussions with women on contentious issues like abortion women will attack you personally rather than the issues involved. Their aim is to draw you into becoming emotional like them because they can’t argue logically. Recognize they have resorted to a personal attack because they have no logical argument and simply walk away, it’s a waste of time arguing with women.
  19. Women will often ly or embellish a statement without realizing they are lying for them it’s just a way of getting what they want. They see it as a skill they don’t see anything wrong with this.
  20. In a lot of ways women are like mercenaries. It’s not personal but their needs are paramount, they use everything in their bag of tricks to get a man to fulfill their needs. It’s in their DNA to build a nest for their children. One of their best weapons is the love word. They will use this a lot especially early on in the relationship as a form of entrapment. They are very keen to hear you say it as they then have leverage to manipulate & control you.
  21. Men are seduced by women’s beauty and their natural desire to breed. They end up having their life blood sucked out of them losing all love of life then die inside a slow agonising death of spirit before eventually their body and mind succumb. Especially if a man marries young and unprepared. Some women are vampires. Normally the vampires are self entitled princesses avoid this trap.
  22. A good woman is a contributor, honest, hard working, humble, loving and affectionate with a great sense of humour. Look for someone who is ready to apologize, who is fun to be with especially in the great outdoors, who genuinely loves children (you’ll be surprised how few women actually love children) and love animals especially dogs. A woman who can lift a man’s soul when the whole world is against him is a treasure worth finding and holding onto. These are a rare breed & hard to find most today are black widow spiders ready to suck the life blood of any man that approaches. Very easy to identify. Normally stunningly beautiful to look at, proud and often popular. They inwardly despise men and are normally rapid feminists . You can hear whats inside when they speak. They often talk bad about someone often their own so called girl friends.


Anyway i think that pretty much covers what I’ve learnt. Hope it helps.


If women are upset or emotional about what i’ve written please don’t take it personally. It’s not meant to offend. This is about mistakes men make when interacting with women.

Society Collapse & Feminism

Societal Collapse can be mapped to feminism and the feminist movements achievements

The following steps map societies collapse alongside the rise of feminism.

  1. Men abuse their position of power over women creating discontent amongst women who have no avenue to engage themselves in creative pursuits or to own property 
  2. Women rightfully pursue their right to own property & engage in creative pursuits in society under their own identity 
  3. Original feminist movement is identified by the illuminati & other secret societies as a perfect vehicle to ferment societal change in order to implement their world domination agendas.
  4. Feminist movement is hijacked via funding provisions through Rockefeller foundation & others to push for voting privileges.
  5. Woman allowed to vote- Tipping society towards socialism ensuring the implementation of a leftist agenda.
  6. Society is brainwashed into believing Women can only be successful and fulfilled by competing with men in the workforce. Stay at home mums are demeaned & viewed as unsuccessful.
  7. Woman enter work force – Weakening family cohesion 
  8. Women obtaining contraception particularly the contraceptive pill – Giving women power over their fertility. Effectively ensuring fall in population & selective breeding. Removing the incentive for the majority of men to marry & therefore sacrifice themselves to lifelong labour to provide for a family.
  9. Woman become idolised in advertising, pornography and beauty contests.
  10. Society agrees to become an accessory to murdering babies to support female sexual liberation or license by making abortion legal & making abortion a woman’s right. Effectively elevating woman above men by supporting & giving them power to kill the male & female babies that result from any sexual interactions. At this point men became second class people. Women were given the power over sex . At this juncture it became impossible for society to recover from its moral collapse.
  11. Society is brainwashed into believing women are equal to men rather than complimentary. 
  12. Women take over positions of management thus commanding men. Turning society upside down. Denying God’s command that women be under obedience to men. This goes against the natural order. This step is a consequence of the previous step.
  13. Women enter politics and religion. Steering society towards a female bias . Ensuring preferences for females and men who choose to become more feminine. This ensured the rise of the LGBTQP (lesbian gay by transgender queer pedophiles) in society, & ensuring society supports these adherents with laws to force everyone to comply be complicit in their degenerate behaviour.
  14. Society first encourage then Forces male sterilization ( male pill, trans types) after first demonizing all forms of masculinity. Discourage & discriminate against males , male aggression, male power, males in the workforce. Quotas to ensure female dominance. Advertising to demonize masculinity.
  15. Logic & truth is demonized as masculine and trivialized as trivial pursuits are prioritized being more feminine.
  16. Men are idolised by women who begin to realise their mistakes but it’s too late to reverse the damage.
  17. Force men to obey women. Encourage men to provide sperm . Society provides designer babies. Babies, children become commodities to be bought & sold. People lose all their rights in exchange for empty promises of safety , security, food & shelter. All those things men once provided women will be handed over to government.  
  18. Everyone becomes totally enslaved. No one can trust anyone. The majority live alone. The economy collapses. Infrastructure decays. Law of the jungle & survival of the fittest takes over. Woman end up worst off because men abandon them. 
  19. Society reboots.
  20. Men regain control 
  21. Woman realize it’s in their best interests to support & obey a man & let men build, & run society.

I think society is currently engaged in the final stages.

The cost to society of female so called equality & sexual liberation is it’s moral integrity. Without moral integrity there can be no trust. Without moral integrity society must collapse it’s inevitable, a logical certainty. Society ends up fu*ked couldn’t resist this pun 😎😎