Victoria Police Violence

Vicpol over reacted at swingers party shooting & traumatising venue staff and patrons even though they had been told the patrons were using fake plastic guns. Vicpol to be sued for damages Melb club may sue after police shooting

i think this violent behaviour is a direct result of Victorian Police being trained in American ways as a counter terrorist military force. It seems obvious to me these thugs are itching to use their new found skills in intimidation and violence and jump at any and every excuse. They arrogantly pretend to be above the law and have total disregard for any damage they inflict on innocent civilians.

This represents a leftist alignment in our politics and the powers that be using the police to cower the public. I think those running Australia’s unlawful government are scared that the people are awakening to the fraud being perpetuated against them.

This militiarization of police is also an American phenomenon and their training has resulted in trigger happy officers. The recent murder of Dr Justine Damond by Somali Muslim Officer in Minnesota is a case in point.

This destroys any confidence and trust people have in police protection and points to severe problems with today’s society.