False Claims Motu Proprio of July 11 2013 Released Trust Funds

I’ve read that some people think the Pope Francis Papal Decree Motu Proprio of July 11th 2013 somehow closed down corporations world wide and released trust funds held by the Vatican via Birth Certificate bonds to the public benefitiaries. You can see these types of posts on youtube here You’re Wealthy Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Harvey Dent posted july 8th 2017 and JULY 07 2017 POPE FRANCIS DESTROYS ALL CORPORATION RELEASING ALL THE TRUST FUNDS TO HUMANITY – By EMPOWR MARKETINGS posted July 7th 2017 . Both these YouTube postings rely on this article Pope Francis makes a law..destroys every Corporation in the world and this article which makes all manner of assumptions Papal Decree of July 11, 2013 .

If you read the Popes letter for yourself without relying on the interpretations put on the various statements you’ll soon come to the same conclusion I have that people are reading things in this that simply aren’t there.

Reading the Papal letter shows it does not close down any corporations. In fact the contents of the letter never mentions closing down anything. Obviously all the Pope is doing is saying that criminals in the Vatican will be subject to the Justice system and will be extradited if they have broken the law according to the existing criminal code existing at Vatican City at the time of the alleged offense and that this also applies to Vatican officials.

Don’t be fooled. Always read the source information. There are many people spruiking false ideas.

It’s interesting that these false claims appeared around July 7th 2017. I’m very aware of numbers and how important numbers are to these mason types.