Society Collapse & Feminism

Societal Collapse can be mapped to feminism and the feminist movements achievements

The following steps map societies collapse alongside the rise of feminism.

  1. Men abuse their position of power over women creating discontent amongst women who have no avenue to engage themselves in creative pursuits or to own property 
  2. Women rightfully pursue their right to own property & engage in creative pursuits in society under their own identity 
  3. Original feminist movement is identified by the illuminati & other secret societies as a perfect vehicle to ferment societal change in order to implement their world domination agendas.
  4. Feminist movement is hijacked via funding provisions through Rockefeller foundation & others to push for voting privileges.
  5. Woman allowed to vote- Tipping society towards socialism ensuring the implementation of a leftist agenda.
  6. Society is brainwashed into believing Women can only be successful and fulfilled by competing with men in the workforce. Stay at home mums are demeaned & viewed as unsuccessful.
  7. Woman enter work force – Weakening family cohesion 
  8. Women obtaining contraception particularly the contraceptive pill – Giving women power over their fertility. Effectively ensuring fall in population & selective breeding. Removing the incentive for the majority of men to marry & therefore sacrifice themselves to lifelong labour to provide for a family.
  9. Woman become idolised in advertising, pornography and beauty contests.
  10. Society agrees to become an accessory to murdering babies to support female sexual liberation or license by making abortion legal & making abortion a woman’s right. Effectively elevating woman above men by supporting & giving them power to kill the male & female babies that result from any sexual interactions. At this point men became second class people. Women were given the power over sex . At this juncture it became impossible for society to recover from its moral collapse.
  11. Society is brainwashed into believing women are equal to men rather than complimentary. 
  12. Women take over positions of management thus commanding men. Turning society upside down. Denying God’s command that women be under obedience to men. This goes against the natural order. This step is a consequence of the previous step.
  13. Women enter politics and religion. Steering society towards a female bias . Ensuring preferences for females and men who choose to become more feminine. This ensured the rise of the LGBTQP (lesbian gay by transgender queer pedophiles) in society, & ensuring society supports these adherents with laws to force everyone to comply be complicit in their degenerate behaviour.
  14. Society first encourage then Forces male sterilization ( male pill, trans types) after first demonizing all forms of masculinity. Discourage & discriminate against males , male aggression, male power, males in the workforce. Quotas to ensure female dominance. Advertising to demonize masculinity.
  15. Logic & truth is demonized as masculine and trivialized as trivial pursuits are prioritized being more feminine.
  16. Men are idolised by women who begin to realise their mistakes but it’s too late to reverse the damage.
  17. Force men to obey women. Encourage men to provide sperm . Society provides designer babies. Babies, children become commodities to be bought & sold. People lose all their rights in exchange for empty promises of safety , security, food & shelter. All those things men once provided women will be handed over to government.  
  18. Everyone becomes totally enslaved. No one can trust anyone. The majority live alone. The economy collapses. Infrastructure decays. Law of the jungle & survival of the fittest takes over. Woman end up worst off because men abandon them. 
  19. Society reboots.
  20. Men regain control 
  21. Woman realize it’s in their best interests to support & obey a man & let men build, & run society.

I think society is currently engaged in the final stages.

The cost to society of female so called equality & sexual liberation is it’s moral integrity. Without moral integrity there can be no trust. Without moral integrity society must collapse it’s inevitable, a logical certainty. Society ends up fu*ked couldn’t resist this pun 😎😎