Scam Brokers Roiteks & Cryptoeu

My Journey into Forex Trading Scams and my fight back.

This is a sad story of lost fortune to empty promises in the hope of creating wealth for retirement. No one can be trusted with looking after your wealth other than yourself. This was a lesson I thought I knew and sadly had to relearn in the land of hard knocks. My only excuse is I was new to forex trading and believed my money could be better handled by so called experts. I was at a disadvantage and gullible enough to believe their false promises of a managed fund. I was sucker punched twice, once by trusting the agents and assigns of Roiteks and then after realizing I had been scammed attempting to recover losses by believing in the lies of Cryptoeu agent Leo Blum and his fellow conspirator Dan Smith, who suggested if I invested with them  I could recover my losses when Facebook implemented light coin LTC.

Leo was so convincing that he was the real deal. He said he was a family man and was only in the business to help others. Almost the same mantra was spruiked by John Edgar Wilson of Roiteks. I fell for it twice. I’m hoping by this report I can save others from being duped by these con men. Please read the full affidavit of claim and evidence. These affidavits name the names and what they did to me. It gives a blow by blow account of how I was sucker punched. They slowly drew me in bit by bit. Every time they failed they apologized and made new promises drawing me in. I was looking for a way to have my money managed so I could relax in retirement. It’s a mirage, a false dream. I thought others who claimed to have a life time of experience would be more equiped to manage my newly found bitcoin wealth. I’ve never had the financial equity to purchase a home or go on a European holiday, I thought finally I might be getting somewhere. I was keen to help my African friends and other’s I knew needed help.

The one and only opportunity I had in my life for a little financial security I blew on a list of false promises. Eventually they got me in so deep I felt there was no way out without contracting with them. Yes I made the cardinal mistake of contracting a bonus agreement under duress and intimidation and because you feel you have no choice. I was made to feel I was in too deep, that unless I contracted there was no possibility of withdrawing the money I had deposited. They make you believe that because you’ve gone so far there is no possibility of backing out. The bonus agreement means you can’t withdraw until your trading volume has reached an impossible level. They promise you this will not be difficult, that they will help you, that with their professional help it will be met in a short span of time, that they have hundreds of clients who’ve already met their requirements and are making huge sums. They tell you what ever lies they think you need to ensure you will sign that agreement, which amounts to financial slavery. After signing the agreement their oft repeated promises vaporize and previous written and spoken promises are forgotten and never admitted to. Financial slavery is unlawful and illegal but they know it will be impossible to prosecute them. They’ve told lies from the beginning, giving false names, addresses and even their websites are not real trading platforms. For proof that financial slavery infringes international law see the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights Article 8 Part 1 “No one shall be held in slavery; slavery and the slave – trade in all their forms shall be prohibited.”

This is the story of the man who sold his inheritance for magic beans, “Jack and the bean stalk”.  I’ve been humbled, but I’m not going down without a fight.

I’m in the battle of my life. I’m attempting to fund a legal claim of fraud and breach of contract against two companies Roiteks ( and Cryptoeu ( I’ve paid an Israeli Legal Firm Eldar Law website $US10,000 of a $US40,000 retainer to battle my case in Israeli Courts if necessary, so another $US30,000 is needed by November this year to keep the case alive.

I am appealing to my friends to help me fund my legal battle by donating to this appeal. I need another $US30,000 by November 2018 to fund this case. If successful I pledge to refund all donations plus 20% of the amount donated. The best way to donate to help me is via the donation page on my website.

The two men who are helping me attempt to recover $US400,000 from Roiteks and $US8,000 from Cryptoeu are Dave Cohen from and Michael Gale from .  Dave Cohen’s email is , Michael Gale’s email is

To see the Edlar Law website in english enter the following link

Michael Gale is also on Linkedln here Michael Gale Eldar Perez Law on Linkedln

Michael’s credentials are here Michael Gale Lawyer at Eldar Perez Law Credentials

Lawyer Michael Gal

Michael Gal holds an LL.B., specializing in a commercial cluster, on behalf of the College of Management, which he graduated with honors and a master’s degree in finance from the University of Sydney, Australia.

He began his career in the legal world with an intern in one of the largest commercial law firms, where he gained experience in legal and commercial litigation.

He has accumulated extensive experience in the capital market as a legal advisor to various investment houses.

My Claim against Roiteks

My claim is thoroughly documented on my website here Affidavit Claim of Wrongs Committed by the Agents and Assigns of Roiteks and here Affidavit of Evidence to support my Claim of Wrongs committed by the Agents and Assigns of Roiteks.

For anyone that wants to avoid my mistakes.

My Claim against Cryptoeu Leo Blum and Dan Smith

My case against Cryptoeu Leo Blum and Dan Smith agents and assigns of is a case of breach of contract. They haven’t honoured my withdrawal request made on the 12th of August 2018. They had 7 days to honour the withdrawal and have failed to return my efforts to communicate.  Their trading website has stopped working making any attempts to close out trades and obtain invested money impossible.

I was enticed into investing under the pretext that they had knowledge Facebook was about to implement LTC (light coin) to enable transactions of goods and services similar to other social media websites. They promised to keep me informed and warn me if I should sell and withdraw.

See Evidence of Dishonoured Withdrawal

Do not invest with these fraudsters.

This next image shows how much I still have invested with them that I can no longer access.

The Web Trader doesn’t work and they no longer respond to their phone numbers or email addresses.

Read more about Cryptoeu Scam Broker here Crytoeu Scam Broker


In summary, don’t trust anyone unless they are willing to show their faces, verify their credentials and show their accreditation with reputable organizations who will hold them to account if they infringe the rules and obligations they have promised to abide by.

A reputable company I trade with is pepperstone licensed by ASIC Australia & FCA UK.

I appeal to those I have helped, if you have some spare cash and would like to return the favour I’ve got my hand out and if successful I’ll return your donation with an added 20%. You can help my legal battle by donating here.

Thanks for your kind consideration.

Sincerely faithfully yours

Simon Shields